Sunday, October 31, 2010


This tutorial was written for those with a working knowledge of PSP

I am using the artwork of Jennifer Janesko. You need a license to use her work and one can be obtained at

You will need my supplies, which you can download at
I do not know who the background image or wordart belongs to. If anyone knows, please message me so that I can add the details or remove the tutorial. 


Eye Candy 5, Nature, Ripples

Okay, Lets Get Started!!

Open a new transparent image in PSP, 650 X 250, floodfill white, 
Copy and paste any background image you would like. 
The one I used is included in the supplies if you want to use this one.
Selections, Select All, float, Defloat, Modify, Add Selections Borders, inside 7, anti alias checked. 
Layer, add new raster layer, Layer, Arrange, move to top, flood fill with a dark color from your tube. Activate your background image again, 
Selections, Select All, Float, Defloat, Modify, Add Selection Borders, inside, 7, anti alias checked,
 Layer, new raster layer, Layer, arrange, move to top, floodfill with a light color from your tube.

 Activate your background image again, 
Copy and paste the tube your want to use, position on the left side, duplicate, image mirror, 
change the properties to overlay and the opacity to around 40%, 
Drop shadow the tube on the left.
 Activate your background layer, duplicate it 2 times for a total of 3 frames. 
On the top layer, Effects, Eye Candy 5, Nature, Ripples, 
Setting, Weird Nebula Reflections, Basic, Ripple Generator - None, Ripple Wavelenth 376.25, 
Random Wave Amplitude 39, Random Wave Wavelength 0.64, Refraction 82, Random Seed  5872. 
Do the same for the other two background layers but make sure to hit the random seed button each time. 

Copy and paste your wordart onto your tag, 
Selections, Select All, Float, Defloat, 
Layer, New Raster Layer, fill with your choice of color from your tube, 
I chose the gold gradient that comes with PSP, Deselect, delete the original wordart layer. 
Add your copyright/license info on tag. 
Hide the bottom two background layers, 
Copy Merged and paste into animation shop as a new animation, 
back in PSP, hide the 3rd copy of the background and unhide the 2nd background layer,
 copy merged and paste into Animation Shop after current image, 
back in PSP, hide that layer and  unhide the bottom background layer 
 copy merged and paste into Animation Shop after current image, 
Make sure Propagate paste is selected and Select All, Animation, Frame Properties, set at 25 
(or whatever speed looks best to you) 
View image, if happy save as a gif image and you are done, except for adding the names! 

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, is so leave me a note and let me know!!

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