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Gorgeous Freebie Kit Dark Xmas by Vaybs, which you can download Here
I am using artwork by Ismael Rac, which requires a license to use. 
You can purchase the tube and license Here

Eye Candy 5, Nature, Fire
Zero - Porcelain (Optional)
Zero - Improver (Optional)
Xenofex 2, Constellation (Optional)
Filters Unlimited 2.0, Color Filters, Greyscale (Optional)

Open a new image, 800 X 700, floodfill black
Copy and paste element 10 as a new layer, Image, Flip, Layer, Duplicate, Image, Mirror
Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, 10, Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds, Color White, 7, 72, horizontal
Copy and paste element 31 on as a new layer, postion to the top left of tag, 
Layer, Duplicate, Image, Mirror
Merge down, Layer, Duplicate, Image, Mirror, Merge down.
Copy and paste frame 2 as a new layer.
Click inside the frame using your magic wand.
Selections, Modify, Expand by 3.
Layer, New Raster Layer
Fill with light color (I used a silver gradient), selections, invert, hit delete on your keyboard
Move under your frame layer.
Copy and paste a close up of your tube, postion where you want it, hit delete on your keyboard.
On your close up tube layer, Effects, Zero, Porcelian, 50, 128, 128, 0, 0, 0.
Adjust, Brightness and Contrast, Clarify, 1.
Back to your gradient filled layer beneath your tube, 
Add any texture effect that you want...whatever looks best to you.
Copy and paste the fireplace from the kit, resize to fit and position on the bottom 
slightly left of the center of your tag, see my tag for reference.
Copy and paste element 25 (round black candle) as a new layer, resize, Layer, 
Duplicate 2 times for a total of 3 candles
postion the candles on the top of the fireplace, merge these 3 layers together. 
Adjust, Brightness & Contrast, Clarify, 1.
Copy and paste your main tube as a new layer, 
Effects, Filters, Unlimited, Color Filters, Greyscale (optional), 
Zero Porcelain, same setting as before, Brightness & Contrast, Clarify, 1.
Add any other elements of choice, see my tag for the ones I added 
( I used Filters Unlimited, Greyscale to change the color of some elements). 
Resize and postion elements as desired
Drop shadow your tube and all elements with drop shadow of choice. 
Merge visible, Zero, Improver, 9, 30, 9
Image, Add Borders, 4, light grey, Image, Add Borders, 4, black.
Using your magic wand click on the light grey border and floodfill with color of choice, 
I used my silver gradient.
Add your name and copyright info, Layers, Merge Visible.
If you do not wish to animate, save your image as a png file and you are done.


Duplicate your image 2 times for a total of 3 layers. Using your lasso (freehand selection tool), draw around the bottom of the fire inside your fireplace.
On your first layer, Effects, Eye Candy 5 Nature, Fire, Settings on small gas log fire,
 basic settings, make sure start from bottom is checked,
you can set your column length and flame width to what looks best for you, apply.
Repeat for the other two layers, but click random seed a couple of times to change effect 
on each layer before applying. Deselect.
Activate your top layer again. Using your magic wand click on the flame of each of your round black candles, make sure all the flames are selected
Effects, Eye Candy 5 Nature, Fire, Settings, Small Candle, 
make sure start from bottom is checked
Basic 30.00, 100, 0, 0, 25, 100, 39, Apply.
Repeat for the other 2 layers, making sure to hit random seed a couple of times 
on each layer before applying.
If you wish to add a slight glitter to your tag, Activate your first layer, 
Effects, Xenofex 2, Constellation
Settings, Low Density Stars, 2, 85, 3, 0, 61, 35, Rotation 45, Keep original image checked. Apply
Repeat for the other 2 layers, making sure to hit the random seed button 
a couple of times before applying.
Activate your first layer again, Edit, Copy and paste into Animation Shop as a new animation.
Back in PSP, Activate layer 2, Edit, Copy and paste into AS after current frame
Back in PSP, Activate layer 3, Edit, Copy and paste into AS after current frame
Edit, Select All, Animation, Frame Properties, 17, apply.
If you wish to resize your tag, you can do so now. Aniamtion, Resize Animation 
(I resized mine to 600)
View Animation, if happy, save your tag as a gif file and you are finished!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Thank you!
Leave me a note and/or send me your finished tag and I will post it here.

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